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Hawson Fashion Accessories

HAWSON Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks and Studs Set

HAWSON Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks and Studs Set


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AUSTRIAN CRYSTALS – Stand out from the crowd with HAWSON’s specially crafted Austrian crystals in blue, crystal gray and purple which add elegance to any situation.

PERFECT FOR ANY SETTING – Whether you’re going to a wedding, formal events, or looking to make an impression at a business meeting; Our cufflinks and studs will make your groomsmen, boyfriend, father, and husband look great.

COMPLEMENTS ANY SHIRT – From standard dress shirts to tuxedo fits, the HAWSON Cufflinks and Studs Set are geared to match many styles.

SECURE AND SNUG – Weighted down with reinforced anchors, our Cufflinks and studs are designed to not only firmly attach to your shirt but to stay there.

ELECTROPLATED FOR DURABILITY – Each set of Cufflinks and Studs go through an extensive electroplating process, leaving them with a clean, polished look that will retain their color and shine for years to come.

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