About Us

HAWSON is the leading sophisticated, stylish and sustainable fashionable jewelry and
accessory producer based in Huizhou, China. We believe in innovative designs, customer
satisfaction and natural beauty.
Founder and visionary for our company, Jasper Jiang, embraced his strong entrepreneurial
spirit from a young age. Like any great businessman, he has learned from his experience,
passionately researched for his future and created flawless plans to transform his vision into
a successful reality moving forward with his business.
Our brand has taken a similar journey which resulted in the HAWSON that the world knows
today. We began as a small team of dreamers in 2006, with just four workers, five machines
and a small cash investment. Always interested in being ahead of the trend and in line with
the demand of the market, HAWSON’s success increased exponentially throughout the
years, however, our passion has never changed. We are on a mission to bring the world the
highest quality yet affordable products that can be showcased in every person’s collection.
We believe in timeless designs that are understood to be retro yet modern. Created with all
fashion lovers in mind, whether they are young or old, experimental or conservative. Our
obsession and appreciation for semi-precious stones is what directs us in our designs and
drives us to provide excellent quality jewelry, cufflinks and accessories for clients across the
As our business grew, our team developed and our products improved we have scaled our
business accordingly. Now, our company proudly occupies a large workshop and exhibition
space where we showcase our range to both domestic and international clients. The
additional space and added workers mean that we can now keep up with the demand for our
products, we are honored to see our pieces showcased across the world in different
cultures, regions and settings. Through hard work and commitment from our team, we have
grown from a small domestic business to a large respected international manufacturer.
Our team is still lead by our passionate founder, Jasper Jiang, with a determined group of
ethical professionals leading our growth, development and sustainability on the market. Our
core principles are to inspire and encourage our team, instill positive energy and guidance in
the day to day running of our business and to always adhere to fair pay for our hardworking
team of professionals.
HAWSON is Elegance Within Reach.
For sophisticated fashion and flawless design choose HAWSON.



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